On his old Twitter account, X, Carlson wrote: "This is Rep. Dan Crenshaw leaving the Capitol after voting to give Joe Biden the authority to shut down news sites that dare to challenge him."

The former Fox News host also included video of Crenshaw resisting a question from reporter Liam Cosgrove outside the US Capitol.

"With the data you are addicted to and access to your app. "You can manipulate an entire population on a massive scale, as the Chinese have done," Crenshaw said.

More than 30 Democrats joined all Republicans in the House of Representatives in passing a bill that would force TikTok out of the US if ByteDance continues to be involved. Critics said China-based ByteDance had raised concerns about access to data and manipulation around algorithms.

"Are you worried about our intelligence agencies doing the same thing domestically?" Cosgrove asked Crenshaw.

"Do I worry about that, I know I don't," the congressman said.

"Are they not manipulating Americans?" Cosgrove asked.

"Do you have evidence you'd like to share to the contrary?" Crenshaw asked before continuing. "Okay, do you have a serious question?"

Cosgrove caught up with Crenshaw again as the congressman left with his team. The "evidence" he offered was that a group of intelligence officials suggested that Hunter Biden's infamous laptop was likely Russian disinformation after the New York Post published a report about the contents on the abandoned computer.

That country announced that they will recognize the Palestinian state before the summer! That country announced that they will recognize the Palestinian state before the summer!

Crenshaw dismissed this, saying the former officials had all retired from their positions at the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

"No, because they are retired. There's no program; this is nowhere near what TikTok did," Crenshaw said as he closed the door of the SUV that took him away.

"Crenshaw told reporter Liam Cosgrove that US intelligence agencies don't interfere with local news, although he knows that's not true. Watch his face when he says that. Liar," Carlson wrote on Friday.

Crenshaw fired back Friday afternoon, accusing Carlson of "lying for attention as usual."

Tucker is lying for attention as usual. Perhaps since losing his production assistants at Fox News, he can no longer do basic research or read brief legislation," Crenshaw wrote. "Nothing in the TikTok bill authorizes anyone to shut down news agencies. Tucker is angry about a bill that prevents the CCP from stealing the data of tens of millions of Americans and using TikTok to spread propaganda. 90 percent of conservatives in the House voted for that bill."

The Texas Republican accused Carlson of never missing an "opportunity to defend our enemies" and of trying to create "clickbait" by going after him.

In a Thursday conversation with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on behalf of the Tucker Carlson Network, Carlson spoke further about government targeting of news agencies and suggested that banning TikTok would set a "precedent" for Elon Musk's X and other social media platforms. Media platforms will be targeted.

Paul also argued in a heated exchange with Fox's Brian Kilmeade this week that going after TikTok means networks like Fox News could also be targeted and face allegations only through Congress, without trial.