In his speech in Michigan, one of the important centers of the automobile industry, Trump criticized Biden's participation in the auto workers' strike and his pro-electric vehicle policies.

The former President said in his speech: "For decades, U.S. workers have slept on the sidelines while getting rich by taking bribes to allow other countries to rape and pillage our jobs and wealth. For decades, you have followed rotten and twisted leaders like Biden who treat US workers as expendable and US jobs as disposable."

Trump claimed that Biden came to Michigan to make an appearance at the strike of workers in the automobile manufacturing industry, but that his policies were the reason why workers were unemployed.

Describing Biden's support for electric vehicles as a "transition to hell", Trump warned that this step could be the end of the American automobile industry.

Trump claimed that "every vote for the crooked Biden will mean that the future of the auto industry will be determined in China."