Contrary to the statements of his lawyers, former US President Donald Trump wrote on his social media account Truth Social that he has enough money.

"Thanks to hard work, talent and luck, I now have almost $500 million in cash," Trump said, adding that he intended to use it for his presidential campaign.

Trump argued that New York Attorney General Letitia James and the judge overseeing the case wanted to take this money from him "through fraud and corruption", saying, "I did nothing wrong in 2016 except win an election I wasn't expected to win. I did better in 2020 and now I'm leading by a landslide in 2024. This is communism in America."

Trump has until Monday to pay a $454 million bond as he continues to appeal the ruling in the Court of Appeals. Otherwise, Attorney General James has the power to seize Trump's assets in any state, including Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Earlier this week, Trump Organization General Counsel Alan Garten and his lawyers submitted a written statement to the New York Court of Appeals stating that it was not possible to secure the full amount of the $454 million fine.

In the affidavit, which reported that Trump's financial situation was "stable" and that he continued to hold "significant assets", it was stated that due to the size of the compensation amount, there was no insurance company to guarantee the amount of compensation, and that Trump's assets may need to be used for collateral.

Trump's social media company to go public

On the other hand, Trump's social media platform "Truth Social", which is in search of resources, was paved the way for an IPO.

The board of directors of Nasdaq-listed Digital World Acquisition approved the merger deal with Trump's media company Trump Media & Technology Group.

It is estimated that the total value of Trump's shares could exceed $ 3 billion, but the former US President is not expected to be able to cash out his shares immediately due to internal conditions that prevent the sale of newly issued shares for 6 months.

According to US media reports, the shares of Trump's company could start trading next week.