Answering questions from Silicon Valley tech investors in a podcast on Thursday, Trump said he would make it easier to "bring talented people" to the US.

Trump, whose harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric forms the basis of many of his policies, argued that those who graduate from a university in the US should have the right to stay in the US. 

Virginia to restrict cell phones in schools! Virginia to restrict cell phones in schools!

Trump said, "It is very sad that we are losing people graduating from Harvard, MIT or less successful but still very good schools. I think you should automatically get a green card in addition to your diploma. This practice should also cover higher education institutions." 

The green card gives foreign citizens the right to stay and work in the US indefinitely. The right to be in the US indefinitely also paves the way for these people to obtain citizenship.

"I know people who graduated from the best schools and want to stay here very much," Trump said, "They go back to India, China. They set up a simple company there, become billionaires and employ thousands of people. They could be doing that here," he continued. 

Trump, who said in the past that "immigrants poison the blood of the country", said that if he was re-elected in the elections held in November and returned to the White House, he would launch the largest deportation process in US history. 

Editor: David Goodman