According to the allegations, Trump has amassed a private collection of Netanyahu's photographs and studies them every night before going to bed. The fact that Trump did not confirm this habit with a statement was interpreted as proving the truth of the conspiracy theory.

However, Michael Cohen, a former Trump aide, denied the allegations and said that "it was just a joke Trump made when he saw Trump posing comically next to Netanyahu." Cohen said that Trump does not take such allegations seriously and laughs at them instead of denying them.

The allegation that Netanyahu masturbated while looking at photos of him spread quickly on social media and was met with amusement by many. However, it should be remembered that such conspiracy theories have nothing to do with reality and it is wrong to speculate about Trump's personal habits.

As a result, humorous allegations that Trump masturbated while looking at Netanyahu's photos have been raised in a humorous way, but it is clear that these allegations have nothing to do with reality. Instead of taking such allegations seriously, it would be healthier to laugh at them and focus on the real agenda items.