Since her spectacular debut on All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on "AEW Dynamite: Big Business" program, Mercedes Mone has become the center of controversy in the wrestling universe.  

Dreamer recalled the days when iconic figures like Hulk Hogan rarely appeared on weekly programs, emphasizing the impact of their occasional appearances. "When Hulk Hogan would appear on 'Superstars,' he would debut by delivering a captivating promo and leaving the audience wanting more," Dreamer emphasized, drawing a parallel to how special attractions were created in the past.

Strategic Star Management

Shifting his focus to more recent times, Dreamer compared Hogan's era to the Attitude Era approach, where stars like Steve Austin were featured extensively throughout a single segment, a strategy that undeniably resonated with fans.

He also talked about Roman Reigns' current booking strategy in WWE, underscoring the allure of rarity. "Roman Reigns' careful management has made him a must-see attraction," Dreamer said, arguing for Mone to be positioned in a similar, prestigious light rather than over-exposed.

Dreamer further elaborated on the path he envisioned for Mone in AEW, emphasizing the importance of carefully selected matchups. He hinted at the excitement of possible match-ups with STARDOM's Joshi wrestlers, expressing his preference for Mone to compete against talents like Riho rather than chasing an immediate title shot.

"Mercedes Mone is poised to be the cornerstone of AEW's women's division," Dreamer said, predicting a blockbuster rivalry with Toni Storm, but advocating for a gradual increase in such marquee matchups. With Dreamer's experienced perspective, the strategy for Mone's integration into AEW is becoming clear: A mix of careful booking, strategic appearances and high-profile bouts designed not only to maintain their appeal but also to maximize the promotion's impact on its landscape.

Reminiscent of the golden ages of wrestling, this approach could set the stage for Mone's rise as a key figure in AEW.