Conservatives Meet in Brussels Amid Drama and Intimidation Conservatives Meet in Brussels Amid Drama and Intimidation

Prosecutors in France accuse Berrada, 38, of raping 17 women he lured between 2015 and 2016.

According to the indictment, Salim Berrada, dubbed the "Tinder rapist", invited women he met on Tinder to photo shoots and sexually assaulted them during the encounters.

Berrada says all of the sexual encounters were consensual. Not all of the women united against Berrada attended Monday's hearing. One of his lawyers said his client "does not have the psychological strength to come here."

Prosecutors allege that the defendant used his reputation as a photographer to lure women, and files seized during inspections of his office show that he promised them photo sessions using a carefully crafted strategy. 

The same files contain a list of keywords Berrada used to attract the women he targeted, telling them they were "unique" or a "muse."

According to prosecutors, women who came for modeling sessions were offered drinks that quickly intoxicated them. Investigators say this indicates that the drinks were laced with chemicals.

The women described a sudden change in Berrada's demeanor after the drinks were taken and that he forced himself on them despite their protests.

Berrada was first detained in 2016 and held for two and a half years. He was later released with a ban on working as a photographer. 

After a new wave of legal complaints, he was jailed again last July and again accused of rape and sexual assault. The investigation into the new allegations is ongoing.