Social media sharing platform TikTok has established a council of young people to advise on how to make it safer. The council consists of 15 young people from around the world.

Video sharing platform Tiktok has established a council of young people to advise on how to improve the app and make it more useful in terms of security.

The Youth Council, consisting of 15 young people selected from around the world, has met twice since December. TikTok CEO Shou Chew also attended one of the meetings.


In 2024, the company said it will focus on youth engagement to help ensure TikTok is a safe and accessible place for young people.

At its most recent meeting, which it confirmed took place in February, the council discussed the redesign of the platform's "Youth Portal", an online help center for young TikTok users.

Social media platforms face constant scrutiny and new regulations on online safety, especially when it comes to young users.


The Online Safety Act, which became law last year, requires companies to protect users, especially children, from online harm that occurs on their platforms.

Companies found in violation of this law are subject to large fines.

The recommendations of the "Youth Council" will be critical to ensure that TikTok can effectively respond to the needs and concerns of those using the platform.