The data of thousands of British people who had blood tests were leaked. In the UK, a group of ransomware hackers called Qilin attacked the digital infrastructure of Synnovis, a company that provides pathology services to the NHS on blood tests, on 3 June, stealing the data of thousands of Britons who had blood tests and demanded ransom in return.

The NHS and Synnovis announced separately today that this data was published on the social messaging network Telegram and the dark web.


"Last night, a group claiming responsibility for the cyber-attack published data online that they claimed belonged to Synnovis. We recognise how worrying this development may be for many people. Analysis of this data is already underway. This analysis, carried out in conjunction with the NHS, the National Cyber Security Centre and other partners, aims to verify whether the data was taken from Synnovis systems and what information it contains."


"NHS England has been informed that a cybercrime group last night published stolen data that it claimed belonged to Synnovis as part of this attack," the NHS said in a statement.

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The British press announced that the cybercrime group shared about 400 GB of data, including patient names, dates of birth, NHS numbers and descriptions of blood tests.

Editor: David Goodman