Who is the "hawk tuah girl"? Is she making money from relationship advice? Who is the "hawk tuah girl"? Is she making money from relationship advice?


Sustainable diets are gaining more and more credibility.

Realistic images created by artificial intelligence have revealed what your dinner might look like in 30 years' time.

Experts used the artificial intelligence tool Midjourney to bring to life the 2054 menu of bizarre dishes.


According to these predictions, traditional foods could be replaced by unusual delicacies such as cricket salad, lab-grown beef, spaghetti made from the water fern azalea, meat produced by a 3D printer, azolla meatballs, and azolla soup.

These foods have a lower carbon footprint than their traditional ancestors, which means they could help in the fight against climate change - but would you eat them?

Crickets Salad

While research shows that red meat and dairy products are responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions, experts think insects would be a good alternative.

Crickets, worms and ants are environmentally friendly because they use fewer resources than raising livestock and are also a healthy alternative to meat.


They are touted by the scientific community as the next "superfood" because they are packed with protein, nutrients, potassium, magnesium and three times more fatty acids than the omega-3 in salmon.

Editor: David Goodman