The footage of South Sudan's President Salva Kiir Mayardit in Moscow, the capital of Russia, caused astonishment...

Mayardit, who had previously wet his pants in front of everyone during an official ceremony, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, where he went for official contacts.

Mayardit, who appeared with Putin to make statements in front of the cameras, could not wear the headset required for translation, which caused difficult moments. Putin tried to help Mayardit, who could not put on the headset for a few minutes. Putin tried several times to show Mayardit how to put on the headset.


The moments when Putin, who was waiting for his counterpart in front of the cameras, watched Mayardit's efforts were recorded moment by moment. After a while, Mayardit put on the headset and the meeting officially began.

The 71-year-old Mayardit, who has been South Sudan's leader since its founding in 2011, may have been incontinent due to health problems.

In the country, which will go to elections in 2024, Mayardit is expected to try to maintain his 13-year rule. Elections in South Sudan have been postponed twice due to coup attempt and political crises.