Kenya to sell 35 state-owned companies Kenya to sell 35 state-owned companies

During his visit to Israel, French President Emmanuel Macron called for the establishment of a regional and international coalition to combat terrorist organizations. Macron expressed solidarity with Israel.

Expressing his expectation for the release of all prisoners in Gaza, Macron proposed that the US-led international coalition against the terrorist organization ISIS should also fight against Hamas.

Macron also called for the establishment of a regional and international coalition to fight terrorist organizations.

Emphasizing that the rules of fighting terrorist organizations should also be followed, Macron pointed out that democratic countries should not target civilians in this context.

Macron noted that the protection of the civilian population depends on ensuring their access to humanitarian aid and restoring water and electricity to hospitals.

Emphasizing the need to prevent the conflict from spreading to the region, Macron warned Hezbollah, the Iranian government and the Houthis in Yemen against creating new fronts.

Macron argued that Israel's security cannot be permanent without restarting the political process with the Palestinians and reiterated his desire for a state neighboring Israel for the Palestinians.

Macron said he will meet with the leaders of the countries in the region tomorrow and will travel to Ramallah today.

Netanyahu: This is America's war, Europe's war

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu claimed that Hamas was responsible for the civilian casualties in Palestine and thanked France for its support.

Stating that if Hamas emerges strong from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, all of Europe will be affected, Netanyahu said, "This is Europe's war. This is America's war."

Underlining that they aim for "absolute victory" against Hamas, Netanyahu said, "If Hezbollah makes the mistake of seriously participating in this war, they will regret it, just like in the Second Lebanon War."

Netanyahu argued that Hezbollah is hiding behind the civilian population and said, "If they participate in this war, we will take a counter-step and the destruction for Hezbollah will be unimaginable. I hope they heed your (France) and the US warning. Otherwise, there will be terrible consequences."