Groom kills 4 people including bride at wedding in Thailand Groom kills 4 people including bride at wedding in Thailand

According to a written statement made by the Belgian Religious Foundation, the Belgian Islamic Coordination Board (BIK), which consists of 7 organizations including the foundation, took this compulsory education, which was recently enacted in the French-speaking region of the country, to the judiciary on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

"BIK reaffirms its strong commitment to a democratic society based on the rule of law and respect, and reiterates its commitment to the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by our constitution," the statement said.

The controversial law on compulsory sex education in primary and secondary schools was passed by the federal parliament on September 7.

The law had received backlash

The law was protested by hundreds of people, mostly Muslims.

In a statement, the BIK said the law was contrary to the universal and inviolable values of family education.

"This program raises great concerns about the messages it will convey to young and even very young children. We are also concerned that the EVRAS program could erode religious freedoms and the rights of parents to direct their children's education in line with their own beliefs."

Belgium has had a law requiring sex education for all grades since 2012, but until now implementation has been left to the discretion of schools. The new law requires every 6th grade primary and 4th grade secondary school student in the French-speaking regions, including the capital Brussels, to take these lessons.