Tension rose before the general elections to be held tomorrow in Bangladesh. A passenger train was set on fire at 21.00 local time in the capital Dhaka. While 4 wagons of the train travelling from Jessore to the capital Dhaka caught fire, the fire engulfed the train in a short time.

The people on the train tried to extinguish the fire, while the fire brigade arrived at the scene in a short time and intervened in the fire. The fire could be extinguished in 2 hours after intensive efforts of the fire brigade. While 4 people in the flaming train lost their lives, the treatment of the injured people continues in the hospital. Noting that the condition of 2 of the wounded is critical, the police said that the attackers are being sought. Dhaka Deputy Police Commissioner Mohid Uddin described the incident as a "planned arson" to cause panic in the public before the elections and said, "We will find those involved in this treacherous attack."

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered an investigation into whether the pre-election train fire was an accident or arson.