According to Iran's semi-official Tesnim News Agency, the warship "Elburz" under the command of the Iranian Navy's 94th Naval Squadron entered the Red Sea by crossing the Babu'l Mendeb Strait as part of regular missions in international waters.

The report said that since 2009, the Iranian navy has been "operating in open waters to secure shipping lanes, fight pirates and carry out other missions."

The actions of the Iranian-backed Houthis in the Red Sea and the intervention of US forces
The Houthis in Yemen, backed by Iran, have been seizing commercial ships belonging to Israeli companies off the coast of Yemen and attacking some of them with drones and missiles since October 31 in response to Israel's attacks in Gaza.

The island is being wiped off the map: Evacuations begin! The island is being wiped off the map: Evacuations begin!

US forces have repeatedly announced that they shot down missiles and kamikaze drones fired from Yemen.

Following the actions of the Houthis, many shipping companies also decided to suspend their voyages in the Red Sea.

Finally, yesterday, 10 Houthi forces were killed when US helicopters fired on 3 speedboats belonging to the Houthis who tried to seize the ship linked to Israel in the Red Sea.

Editor: David Goodman