In the report of the Washington-based think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, it was stated that China left the US behind in the field of nuclear energy.

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In the report published yesterday, it was stated that China is among the leading countries in the field of nuclear energy worldwide.

It was stated that China plans to complete 150 new nuclear reactors by 2035 and 27 reactors are under construction. The average construction period of these reactors takes about seven years. This time is much faster compared to rival countries.


The report stated that Beijing's state-backed technology approach and comprehensive financing have given it an advantage, while the US is as much as 15 years behind China in developing high-tech nuclear energy.

China put the world's first 4th generation nuclear reactor into operation last year.

It is estimated that China will overtake the USA in 2030 in terms of generating electricity from nuclear energy.

There are a total of 94 nuclear reactors in the USA and 56 in China. However, according to the report, China has tripled its nuclear capacity in the last 10 years, achieving in 10 years the nuclear power that the US achieved in 40 years.

Editor: David Goodman