Some parts of New York, dominated by skyscrapers, are collapsing faster.

In the study conducted by scientists from NASA Jet Propulsion and Rutgers University, it was shared that New York City collapses by 1.6 millimeters every year. It was noted that Arthur Ashe Stadium and LaGuardia Airport runways in the region where the US Open Tennis Tournament is held in the metropolitan area of the city were the parts that collapsed the most in 2016-2023, Arthur Ashe Stadium collapsed 3.7 millimeters every year, while the runways at LaGuardia collapsed 4.6 millimeters.

It was stated that the collapse in these places may be due to the fact that the areas where they were built were filled land.

While 3.2 millimeters of subsidence was detected on the Interstate 78 Highway, the southern part of Governors Island, Midland and South Beach on Staten Island and the Arverne neighborhood also collapsed faster.

Researchers pointed out that the risk posed by the city's subsidence is exacerbated by rising sea water levels, and that protecting coastal populations and properties from coastal flooding is becoming increasingly difficult for New York.

A study conducted by the US Geological Survey (USGS) in May stated that the 1 million buildings in the city dominated by skyscrapers weigh 764 million tons and that New York collapses by 1 to 2 millimeters every year.