Many famous names were also included in the court documents announced so far. Stephan Hawking, who stands out as one of the most interesting names among the documents made public, is alleged to be a guest of Epstein's private island. It is also alleged that in a 2015 email to Epstein's ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, scientist Hawking was involved in sexual abuse cases involving underage girls on Epstein's private island.

After the sharing of the file, social media started to spread rumors that this event had already been covered in the series The Simpsons, which seems to appear after every event.

27 years of happy marriage on the rocks! 27 years of happy marriage on the rocks!

In the shared video, it is seen that the character, who is understood to play Stephan Hawking, takes Lisa, the middle child of the Simpson family, somewhere.

Could the Simpsons have known in advance that Hawking was going to Epstein Island?

We start researching the relevant episode of The Simpsons to investigate the claim. From the results of the screenshots, we understand that the images were taken from the episode titled They Saved Lisa's Brain, which aired on May 9, 1999.

When we watch the entire episode, we see that the truth is different from what is claimed.

In this episode, Lisa is invited to Springfield's MENSA, a high IQ society. Later, after the group is kicked out of their meeting place by the police and bystanders, they go to the mayor to complain, but the mayor runs away from the town. Afterwards, the management is left to the high-IQ people, including the character Lisa, as stated in the charter. However, the townspeople don't like the new rules the group introduces during a speech and a riot breaks out. Meanwhile, the famous physicist Stephan Hawking enters the episode and gives his opinion. Lisa, who is caught in the middle of the riot, asks Hawking for help and he saves her with his chair and takes her away. Here, it is seen that Lisa's family comes to the scene.

The episode does not show Hawking being associated with the Epstein case

Therefore, the famous Physicist Stephen Hawking does not kidnap Lisa, the girl child character of the series, in fact he saves her from the rebellion in the town and they go to her family.

In other words, the subject of this episode of the series has nothing to do with the developments and the process of the Epstein Island case.

As a result, the episode of The Simpsons has nothing to do with the Epstein case about Stephan Hawking. As Doğrula, we have previously examined the posts that the Simpsons knew about these events in advance, which were put forward many times immediately after current events, and concluded that they did not reflect the truth.


The allegation is untrue.

This episode of The Simpsons has nothing to do with the Epstein case.
In the episode, Stephan Hawking makes a surprise visit during a town meeting. During his visit, a riot breaks out in the town and he saves Lisa, one of the characters of the series, from a collapsing building and takes her to her family.