The Beatles, the legendary four-piece band of the music world, are getting their own movie. Four separate movies will be made about the lives of band members Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Sam Mendes, the famous director of productions such as American Beauty, 1917, Skyfall and The Road to Damnation, will sit in the director's chair. So which actors will portray the singers in the movies? According to The Insider, negotiations have started with some names.

Harris Dickinson is thought to play John Lennon, but it is not yet finalized. Paul Mescal, one of the rising stars of the last period, is planned to give life to Paul McCartney. Charlie Rowe, on the other hand, may allegedly give life to George Harrison.


ABBA, the famous music group, was awarded the Royal Order ABBA, the famous music group, was awarded the Royal Order

It was stated that each movie will be shot from the point of view of the band members and that the movies will "tell the amazing story of the greatest musical group in history".

It was stated that all permissions were obtained from the families of The Beatles members for the movie. The films, which will be produced and distributed by Sony, are expected to be released in 2027. Details on the release dates of the films will be shared later, but the studio announced that their strategy will be "innovative and groundbreaking".

Editor: David Goodman