10. The Last Of Us season 2

Over 105 thousand searches were made on Google for the second season of The Last Of Us, one of the most popular productions of the year, which fans watched the first season breathlessly. Although the series is highly anticipated, the new season will only be broadcast in 2025.

9. Outer Banks season 4

The shooting of the new season of the series started in November, and the broadcast date is not yet known. It was found that fans made nearly 107 thousand monthly searches on Google.

8. The Handmaid's Tale season 6

The sixth and final season of the Hulu channel's highly acclaimed series will air in 2025. The delay of the final season of the series, whose first season started in 2022, is thought to be caused by the strike in Hollywood. Audiences made nearly 114 thousand searches on Google in a month for the eagerly awaited new ending.

7. House of the Dragon season 2
More than 117,000 monthly searches for the new season, which will air in early summer 2024.

6. Ted Lasso season 4

The series ended with the third season, even though fans were waiting for a fourth season. Lead actor Jason Sudeikis said, "The story we wanted to tell, hoped for and loved is over," but viewers searched for the series 122,000 times a month.

5. Tulsa King season 2

Production company Paramount+ has not yet announced a new season date.The second season has been delayed due to the departure of series creator Terence Winter.The series was searched around 133 thousand times per month.

4. Cobra Kai season 6

Fans of the highly anticipated sixth season of the series, which will air in 2024, made over 162 thousand monthly searches on Google.

3. Severence season 2

The new season of the psychological thriller series is popular on Google searches. It was found that more than 180 thousand monthly searches were made for the second season with an unknown broadcast date.

2. Squid Game season 2

Lizzo's statement that will upset her fans Lizzo's statement that will upset her fans

The second season of the South Korean-made series, which made a worldwide impact with the first season episodes aired in 2022, is eagerly awaited. Over 180 thousand searches were made for this in a month.

1. Yellowstone season 5

It was found that 225 thousand monthly searches were made for the new episodes to be broadcast in November 2024.

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