Unable to pass through the Shelby Park area in Eagle Pass because of the Texas National Guard, some irregular migrants tried to enter the US territory under the cover of night from points on the outskirts of the city.

The moments when the group of 7 people crossing the border river Rio Grande from the dark area under the railroad bridge between Mexico and Eagle Pass encountered state forces were reflected in the drone footage of the AA team. The asylum seekers, consisting of 4 men and 3 women, could not outrun the national guards and were trapped in the wire fences around the US side of the bridge.


On the other hand, in the El Paso border region of Texas, close to the state of New Mexico, irregular migrants were seen crossing the border smoothly and surrendering to US federal forces.

In the footage taken by the AA team, it was recorded that asylum seekers crossing into the US from Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican territory opposite El Paso, were welcomed and taken in by federal border troops.

The footage also showed US government border guards patrolling the border in vehicles labeled "US Border Patrol" and helping irregular migrants cross the border by lifting the razor wire on the border with their hands to prevent damage to those crossing the river.The different treatment of irregular migrants at border points in two distant regions of the same state drew attention.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott, accusing the Biden administration of not taking adequate measures on border security, ordered the erection of about 4 kilometers of barbed wire in the border area in the city of Eagle Pass, which is mostly preferred by irregular migrants to cross into the US.The Biden administration also stated that border security is within the authority of the federal government and applied to the US Supreme Court to remove the barbed wire.The Supreme Court ruled to remove the barbed wire along the Rio Grande River of the Mexican border, but the dispute with the Biden government escalated after Texas Governor Abbot announced that he would not comply with this decision.Despite the court order, the Texas National Guard did not allow the US border patrol to do its job on January 23, despite the court order, and continued to place the barbed wire, and the governors of 25 Republican states declared that they stood with Texas in a joint statement.In a study published in July 2022 by the non-governmental organization "American Immigrant Council", it is stated that as of 2019, Texas is the second state with the highest number of immigrants in the US after California