The 35-year-old math teacher, whose real name is Dustin Ebey, also renewed his driver's license to prove the name change.

Ebey, who had to collect 113,151 signatures by May 13 to run for president against Donald Trump and Joe Biden, said he decided to change his name and run because he was unhappy with the candidates. 

Referring to Biden and Trump, who are running for the highest office in the country, Ebey said, "Three hundred million people can do better. There really has to be a way out to get rid of people like me who are tired of the power grab between the two parties and who do nothing for the common man. We don't have a 'none of the above' option on the ballot and this sort of fills that role. For too long, Americans have been victims of their political parties putting ambition ahead of party loyalty. Let's send a message to Washington and say: 'Represent or be replaced'. America should not have to choose between a king of bankruptcy and an 81-year-old."