On Gardi Sugdub, an island off Panama's Caribbean coast, the Gunas people are being forced to leave the area by rising sea levels.

Carti Sugdupu, one of the 365 islands that make up the Guna Yala archipelago in the Caribbean, is also one of the islands that is beginning to sink with the rising tide.

Islanders living in ankle-deep water due to rising sea levels caused by the climate crisis are being forced to evacuate their homes.

Missile exercises on the way to Cuba by Russian warships Missile exercises on the way to Cuba by Russian warships

Islanders have begun migrating to the mainland before their homes are wiped off the map.

The Panamanian government pressed the button for the evacuation of the island, which started to sink with the rising water.

For this reason, a special settlement has been prepared for the islanders on the mainland.

But the islanders are determined to preserve their culture.

The island, which is only one meter above sea level, is expected to be completely underwater in the coming years.

The climate crisis is at the root of it all.

More and more people around the world are being forced to flee their homes due to drought, dwindling food and water supplies, rising sea levels or natural disasters.

Editor: David Goodman