Famous actor Michael Douglas shared a video of him celebrating the New Year with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and his sons on his social media account. Douglas, who has been traveling to India with his family for a while, has become one of the most talked about topics on social media.

The change in the face of the legendary actor who left his mark on an era did not escape the attention of social media users. Michael Douglas, who was last seen in front of the camera in the Ant-Man series, one of Marvel's superhero movies, has aged considerably in the last 2 years.

While some users said that the person in the video did not look like the famous actor, some users commented, 'Douglas has collapsed'.


On social media, users shared images of Michael Douglas in recent productions side by side with the current version, revealing how big the change was. On the other hand, in recent months, there have been rumors that Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones' 23-year marriage would end, but the famous couple denied the rumors. While it was seen that there was no problem between them in the posts made by the duo, they wrote as a note, "Our vacation is going great. We are happy," the rumors were denied with the post.