The German military has begun preparations for a potential conflict between Russia and NATO. Kremlin spokesman Peskov said that Germany should be worried about its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. So what is in the 'plan for a conflict against Russia' that the German newspaper Bild has obtained secret army documents?

The German newspaper Blind reported that the German military has created a scenario for a war between Russia and NATO. According to the report, Russia-NATO relations, which are expected to flare up in 2024, will worsen in February as Russia advances in Ukraine. Tensions between NATO and Russia will reach their highest level after most of the Ukrainian army suffers heavy losses and retreats to Kiev by June.

In 2025, a 300,000-strong NATO army will be deployed in the east to start the conflict against Russia. While 30,000 soldiers are planned to be German soldiers, the hottest points of the conflict will be in Belarus and the Suvalki corridor in the Kaliningrad region.