It was reported that the first hearing of the "genocide" case filed by the Republic of South Africa against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will be held on January 11-12.

Clayson Monyela, spokesperson for South Africa's Department of International Relations and Cooperation, said in a statement on social media platform X that the first hearing of the case will be held in The Hague on January 11-12 and that lawyers are continuing their preparations in this direction.

Israel to defend itself at the ICJ

Israel, accused by South Africa of genocide against Palestinians, has announced it will defend itself before the United Nations' highest court.

"The State of Israel will appear before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague to refute South Africa's absurd blood libel," Eylon Levy of the Israeli prime minister's office said on Tuesday, adding that Israel would not boycott the case.   

Malaysia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also supported the Republic of South Africa's lawsuit against Israel, describing it as a "concrete step" towards accountability.

Last week, South Africa asked the court to issue an interim order for Israel to immediately suspend its military operations in Gaza. 

"Israel's acts and omissions are genocidal because they were committed with the specific intent to commit genocide," the application said, emphasizing that the actions were aimed at "exterminating Palestinians in Gaza".

If the case continues, it will take years, but it is stated that an interim decision could be issued within weeks.

It is stated that a ruling against Israel by the ICJ could isolate the country politically and economically.

"Israel cannot ignore it," said Barak Medina, a law professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

According to the ICJ's case procedure, the claimant and respondent countries have the right to add one judge each to the panel of 15 judges. In addition, Israel can be represented at the hearing by four lawyers and can submit letters written by representatives of its supporters.

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