They put dynamite in the anchor's pocket

The cartel members, who put dynamite in the anchor's pocket and pointed a gun at him, made the anchor tell the police to leave them alone. The fearful moments in the studio were caught on camera and the people in the studio experienced great panic.

In the footage broadcast live, it was seen that the armed people put the employees of the television channel on the ground and beat them. In those moments that shook the country, gunshots and shouts were captured on camera for seconds.

In Ecuador, a South American country where violence has escalated, a state of emergency (state of emergency) was declared by decree signed by President Daniel Noboa after a gang ringleader escaped from prison.

Roberto Izuriete, Secretary General of Communications of the Presidency of the State, said in a statement that an operation was launched with 3 thousand security forces after gang ringleader Adolfo Macias Salazar, nicknamed "Fito", and several prisoners escaped from the prison in the city of Guayas, and that these people are extremely dangerous.

Izuriete announced that President Noboa signed a state of emergency decree due to this incident, and that a curfew will be imposed between 23.00 and 05.00 at night during this period.

According to local media, criminal organizations kidnapped many police officers and set fire to vehicles following the 60-day state of emergency decree.

The Ecuadorian Police Department confirmed the kidnapping of 3 police officers in a post on X, saying, "Special units have been deployed to locate our kidnapped colleagues and capture the perpetrators. None of these incidents will go unpunished."

On the other hand, in the videos shared on social media, the kidnapped policemen, who have guns held to their heads by gang members, are seen asking for help from President Noboa.

On January 7, President Daniel Noboa stated on Instagram that violence in prisons had escalated again and announced that a state of emergency would be declared.