Newly released footage of Wednesday's raid by 11,000 security forces on the Tocoron Prison in the South American country of Venezuela has revealed that inmates are living a small city life in the prison with all kinds of facilities. The prison, which has become the administrative center of the criminal gang called 'Tren de Aragua', has enough ammunition for an army, as well as entertainment venues and a swimming pool.


The gang members have also built small huts on the prison compound where they live with their families and have satellite television and internet facilities. The compound also contained a zoo with tigers and flamingos, a swimming pool, playgrounds, a nightclub called 'Tokyo' and a restaurant. There is also a baseball field, a casino and a room where inmates illegally mine cryptocurrency.

An underground tunnel was also discovered in the prison, as well as 3 wooden rafts to be used to escape from the nearby lakeshore. After the raid, the inmates were transferred to other prisons, while their families living with them demanded that the government "show them a place to live". Local media reported that gang leader Hector 'Nino' Guerro, 39, and 400 to 500 inmates escaped with advance warning of the raid.