Former US Vice President Mike Pence, who announced his candidacy from the Republican Party in the Presidential elections to be held in November and later announced his withdrawal from the candidacy, made statements to Fox News channel regarding the upcoming elections. Stating that he will not support former President Donald Trump, whom he served as his deputy in the elections, he said, "It should not be a surprise that I do not support Donald Trump."

"I would never vote for Biden"

"I believe that someone who puts himself above the Constitution should not be President of the United States," Pence said, adding that he saw Trump begin to move away from his commitment to confront the national debt and his commitment to the sanctity of human life during his campaign. "Trump is following the conservative agenda that we have been fighting for 4 years and he is expressing it. That's why I cannot in good conscience support Trump."

Pence, who did not disclose which candidate he would support in the election, said, "I will keep my vote to myself. However, I would never vote for Biden. Because I am a Republican," he said.