According to The Hill, victims of Epstein's prostitution network filed a lawsuit against the FBI on the grounds that it had been aware of the activities in question since 1996 but failed to take any action.

The lawsuit alleges that the FBI's negligence "directly and indirectly" caused the plaintiffs to be "subjected to the prostitution trade, threatened, abused, raped and tortured."

Pablo Escobar decision from the EU! Pablo Escobar decision from the EU!

The plaintiffs, whose information was kept confidential, claimed that although the FBI had a lot of evidence of Epstein's illegal activities, no action was taken.

"Contrary to their protocols and rules, the FBI failed to take appropriate measures and covered up investigations for years," the lawsuit said, arguing that the FBI was Epstein's accomplice by ignoring photos, videos and other concrete evidence.


Jeffrey Epstein, who was on trial for sexually abusing dozens of girls under the age of 18, the youngest of whom was 14, and creating a prostitution network, was found dead on August 10, 2019 in his cell at New York's Manhattan Metropolitan Central Prison.

Authorities declared the cause of Epstein's death as suicide, but family members denied this and expressed their suspicions.
Epstein's girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, was found guilty in her trial for allegedly assisting Epstein's illegal activities in the organization of luring underage girls into prostitution for some rich people, celebrities and government officials.