Britain is shaking with a new scandal. Bulgarian citizen Vanya Gaberova, who gained fame as a beautician, was accused of "spying on behalf of Russia".

Gaberova, who was arrested as part of a security investigation in the UK, is accused of trying to obtain state secrets.

Vanya Gaberova, who has gained fame and awards as a beautician in the country for years, was accused of spying, which caused great surprise among people.

Attempting to obtain secret information

It was revealed that 29-year-old Gaberova, the owner of a beauty company called Pretty Woman, won many awards in the UK, Bulgaria and Russia, especially for her trainings on eyelash care.

In addition to Gaberova, Orlin Russev, Bizer Cambazov, Katrin Ivanova and Ivan Stoyanov are among the names detained between 2020 and 2023 on charges of "trying to obtain secret information useful to hostile states".

The suspects will appear in court next week.

Gaberova, who is known as a "talented beautician" in Acton, where she lives, is accused of passing sensitive information to Russia through the secret intelligence network of which she is a member.