Antiques were the biggest hobby of a husband and wife living in the USA. The couple, who had many collections, went from shop to shop collecting old items. One day their luck turned thanks to a photograph they bought for about 2 dollars. Now they are rich beyond their wildest dreams.

2-122Randy Guijarro and his wife bought items from antique shops in the places where they lived and vacationed, and loved to examine them and add them to their collection. It was this hobby that changed everything. For the couple, who had spent years trying to prove the detail they had found in the photograph, the end result was unbelievable.


One day he walked into an antique shop in Fresno, California, and bought two photographs that caught his eye for only two dollars. The photograph was yellow, very old. He came home and left them in his study to study them in ample time. Day after day, he picked up the photographs in his spare time and began to examine every detail with his magnifying glass. It was the moment he picked up the magnifying glass that changed his life.

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He didn't recognize anybody in the photograph. There was a large family, they were playing cricket. The person in the photograph was quite familiar. Who was this man? Could he be a relative of his in this photograph taken decades ago? He thought long and hard and finally found out who it was that caught his eye. The man was neither a relative nor a friend known to family members. The man in the photo was none other than Henry McCarty, known as 'Billy the Kid' in the culture of the Wild West, who had been associated with only one photograph until then.


Billy the Kid, Henry McCarty, was a very dark man. He had a very bloody career and his name was written in history with hatred. He was one of the most famous outlaws, known to have strangled dozens of people to death with his bare hands. Randy Guijarro knew him from the famous cowboy movies in the USA.

3-111'Billy the Kid' inspired many westerns, and the only photo of him ever published was shared in many productions. So it was not strange for someone who had seen a cowboy movie to recognize his face.

An auction company, which was aware of the photograph in their possession but wanted more proof, confirmed that the photograph in the husband and wife's possession was of Billy the Kid and insured the photograph for 5 million dollars.

Schumacher treated for 10 years, everything sold Schumacher treated for 10 years, everything sold

It was determined that the image, known as the only photograph of 'Billy The Kid', was taken in the early 1880s for 25 cents. Only one year later, in 2011, the photograph was purchased by US billionaire William Koch for 2.3 million dollars.