According to the Washington Post, a hearing was held in Las Vegas in the case where the defendant Redden was tried for beating a person.

Judge Mary Kay Holthus rejected the parole request of Redden, who has 3 criminal records.

Redden jumped out of his chair and jumped on the bench where the judge was sitting.

Taking the bench, the defendant Redden attacked Judge Kay Holthus.

While Judge Holthus hid under the bench, security forces intervened and removed Redden from the judge.

Authorities reported that the judge and a security guard were injured.

The incident, which was caught on camera, became a hot topic on social media.

Redden was found to have full criminal capacity
According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Redden, who has 3 criminal records, was put on trial in 2023 on charges of beating a person.

During the court process, it was decided that the defendant Redden, who was referred to the relevant units to determine whether he was mentally stable, had full criminal capacity.

The defendant Deobra Redden later confessed to the crime in November 2023.