The glamorous world of Hollywood is the dream of many young people. Becoming an actor, a singer, an influencer... Everyone dreams of becoming a star. But this dream comes at a price. And a very heavy one at that.

Smile and Face

Celebrities have to be in front of the cameras all the time. They always have to look flawless, be happy and energetic. Otherwise they become the target of the tabloid press. The arrows of criticism rain down on them.

No Privacy

There is no such thing as the private lives of celebrities. Every step is followed, every word is analyzed. The paparazzi are always after them. They cannot go out on the street or take a vacation in peace.


David Beckham won the case! David Beckham won the case!

Fame makes many people lonely. It becomes difficult to find true friends. You cannot be sure that the people around you love you out of self-interest.

Emotional Collapse

Celebrities are under constant pressure. They have to succeed and stay popular. This causes many celebrities to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Sometimes Death

Sometimes fame can even lead to death. Many celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson lost their lives because they could not cope with the pressure of fame.