While the debate on the aftermath of the war in Gaza under Israeli bombardment continues, Britain has made a statement on the two-state solution. 

During a visit to Lebanon yesterday, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said his country could recognize a Palestinian state after a ceasefire is reached in Gaza and the Hamas presence in the territory ends, without waiting for the two-state solution to be finalized.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Minister Cameron said that "a future state for the Palestinian people is essential for the peace and security of the region in the long term."

The first step would be a pause in hostilities, Cameron said, adding that the pause would lead to a "lasting, sustainable ceasefire."

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"A two-state solution cannot be achieved while those responsible for October 7 still control Gaza," the British minister said, noting that the exit of the Palestinian organization Hamas from Gaza was a precondition for Britain's recognition of a Palestinian state.

Cameron also said that they would propose a plan to reduce tensions on the Lebanese-Israeli border and that the UK would train the Lebanese army to undertake more border security activities.