'Gaza ultimatum' from US Muslims to Biden: No ceasefire, no vote! 'Gaza ultimatum' from US Muslims to Biden: No ceasefire, no vote!

Conservative, devout Christian and American nationalist former American soldiers are no longer proud of having fought in Iraq. They feel that they fought in Iraq for the oil companies owned by the Zionist bosses and that they are being exploited. Some of them do not hesitate to apologise to the Iraqi people and Muslims.

Religious Muslims, like Christians, are not in favour of LGBT. In Islam, homosexuality is clearly and unequivocally forbidden and a grave sin. LGBT people are considered cursed. For this reason, conservative Americans are sympathetic to Islam and Muslims.

Conservative Americans claim that globalist Zionist capital funds many foundations, non-governmental organisations, state institutions and the media. According to them, the Zionist project wants to destroy and enslave all the world's languages, cultures and ethnicities.

Because Islam is a religion of law, a religion that intervenes in worldly affairs. In Islam, every language, ethnicity and culture is considered sacred and equal.

For this reason, Christians are empowered by Muslims who follow the teachings of Islam.


both Christians and Muslims are against the Vatican and Soros-backed "interfaith dialogue" projects. they claim that they are trying to unite all religions and achieve a single religion. for this reason, the American religious conservative audience stays away from globalist Muslims who advocate "moderate Islam" and "interfaith dialogue".