Trump made an eventful post on social media! Trump made an eventful post on social media!


Secularism is the ideology of separating religion and state and excluding religious life from the public sphere. This ideology has become extremely widespread in Western societies, alienating people from spiritual values and the moral compass. In the absence of religion and spirituality, individualism and selfishness came to the fore.


Hedonism is a philosophy that sees pleasure and enjoyment as the most important purpose of life. This philosophy led to a frenzy of consumption and a meaningless sense of fun in Western societies. People began to ignore spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction in their pursuit of material pleasures.


Secularism and hedonism are two dangerous ideologies that are destroying the foundations of Western civilization. These ideologies have distanced people from spiritual values and the moral compass, emphasizing individualism and selfishness. This leads to fragmentation, corruption and ultimately to the collapse of society.

If Western civilization is to escape this decline, it must return to its spiritual values and moral principles. The revival of religion and spirituality will create a solid foundation in society and help people lead meaningful lives. The pagan and idolatrous West first chose Christianity, and like the pre-Christian religions, Christianity collapsed in the West and failed to respond to the spirit of the times. According to many philosophers, the West will rise again with Islam. Because the West has tried paganism, Christianity, communism, capitalism and many others. Islam is the only one it has not tried. According to philosophers, Islam is the only way for the West to get rid of hedonism, secularism, globalism, blood-sucking capitalist dynasties...