It was stated that 2-year-old Bronson Battersby died of "hunger and dehydration".

Lincolnshire police chief Marc Jones said there was "no point in speculating" about the death of the 2-year-old. Jones said that an investigation into the intervention of social services was being conducted and that the possibility of negligence in the death of Bronson and his father was also being investigated. "Such tragic events need to be thoroughly examined," Jones said, adding, "Speculation is not helpful at this point."

The boy's mother, Sarah Bessie, blamed social services in Lincolnshire County, saying her son had starved to death.

They entered the house days later

A spokesperson for the county council confirmed that social workers had contacted Mr. Battersby on December 27 and arranged a visit on January 2. When officers knocked on the door, there was no answer. After a second unannounced visit on January 4 also went unanswered, Lincolnshire Police were contacted again. Days later, on January 9, a social worker was able to enter the house where father Battersby and his son were found dead.