In Austria, Josef Fritzl, who raped his own daughter, whom he imprisoned in the basement of his house for 24 years, fathered 7 children with her and was sentenced to life imprisonment, will be eligible for parole this year.

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According to the British media, it is also likely that Fritzl will be released after a psychiatric report determines that he is 'no longer dangerous'.

Fritzl's lawyer Astrid Wagner told Kronen Zeitung: "We are in the process of applying for parole. If the application is approved, which I assume it will be, I would like to ensure that he continues to live in a home for the rest of the time."


Forensic psychiatrist Heidi Kastner of the University of Linz spent a year preparing the report, which concluded that the country's most notorious prisoner no longer posed a threat to the public.

As part of the first step towards his release, he could be transferred through the regular prison system to Krems-Stein prison and then to a nursing home, where he would most likely spend his last years, she said.

Local media reported that Fritzl had recently appeared 'confused', regularly speaking on television, believing himself to be a pop star and talking about visits from family members that never materialized. It was also reported that he needed a walker.

It is not yet clear when the final decision will be made


Josef Fritzl, who reportedly molested his own daughter Elisabeth from the age of 11, locked her in the basement of his house the day she turned 18 and told his wife and other children that she had run away from home.In order to convince his wife and children of this lie, Fritzl wrote letters through his daughter's mouth, built a special soundproof shelter in the basement of his house and held her hostage there for 24 years. Fritzl raped his daughter in the special bunker and had a total of 7 children from this incestuous relationship.

From time to time, Fritzl left his noisy, crying or disturbed children on the doorstep of his own house with a letter written in Elisabeth's own words, convincing his wife of this lie. In this way, Fritzl brought three of the children he had by his own daughter up from the shelter.


His wife and neighbors were not suspicious, but Fritzl continued to do so for 24 years and was caught when one of his children by his own daughter, 19-year-old Kerstin, who had never seen the sun, was hospitalized.One of Fritzl's own daughter's children, Kerstin, who had never seen the sun, was hospitalized.