Based on our research, we've ranked some of New York's best lawyers according to their various specialties:

Criminal Law:

David R. Rosenberg:He specializes in complex criminal cases and has successfully tried many high-profile cases to verdict.

Cheryl Cohen Santulli: Has a reputation for defending clients accused of serious crimes such as murder and drug trafficking.

Robert Gottlieb: He specializes in white collar crime and economic crime and has an aggressive approach to defending his clients' innocence.
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Robert Gottlieb New York lawyer

Family Law

Judith Schech: She is an experienced litigator in divorce, custody and child support cases and is passionate about protecting her clients' rights.

Michael S. Gross: He specializes in matters such as prenuptial agreements, estate planning and stepparenting, and offers guidance to families on complex legal issues.
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Michael S. Gross New York lawyer

Laura Wasser:She is a lawyer known for her high-profile divorce cases and specializes in protecting the privacy of her high-profile clients.
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Laura Wasser New York lawyer

Commercial Law:

Thomas G. Lombardo: Specializes in contract disputes, intellectual property litigation and litigation, and provides a wide range of legal services to corporations and business people.

Jeffrey A. Weinberger: Specializes in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets transactions and corporate governance and is one of Wall Street's most respected lawyers.
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Jeffrey A. Weinberger New York lawyer

Theodore Olzewski: An experienced jury trial lawyer in commercial litigation, he ensures that his clients receive the best representation in court.

These are just a few of the best lawyers in New York. When choosing the right lawyer, it is important to consider factors such as the type of case, experience and expertise, communication style and fees.

It is also important to make sure that the lawyer is registered with the bar and whether there are any disciplinary proceedings or suspensions from practice.

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Remember, the best lawyer is the best lawyer for you and your case.

Use this list as a resource to start your research and take your time to find the best lawyer that meets your needs.

Good luck!

Editor: Albert Owen