"I liked him a lot, I just liked him. I didn't know what kind of person he was. At that time, everyone liked him," Beckham said, adding that he remembers the music video of the song "Say You'll Be There", which was released in 1996, very well.

Beckham said, "It's my favorite song because I remember seeing the music video on TV. My friend Gary Neville was with me. I turned to Gary and said, 'I'm going to marry the one in the short black dress,'" Beckham said.


Former American football star OJ Simpson dies Former American football star OJ Simpson dies

Beckham said that the more he got to know the singer, the more "strong" he felt for her: "I like strong women and I love that she's a hard worker. I also love that she's a great mom. I love that she takes care of me, we've built a great life with four incredible kids. That's why I chose Victoria, because of the way she runs this family."