Variety quoted abortion rights organizations as saying that Rodrigo's team was concerned about their message and asked bands to stop handing out lubricant, condoms and morning-after pills at concerts. Rodrigo's team took this decision "because there are children present at the concerts". 

Organizations that defend abortion rights will continue to be allowed to set up booths on the Guts world tour, but they will only be allowed to provide information to concertgoers and distribute merchandise such as hats, T-shirts, stickers and badges. 

Prairie Abortion Fund President Destini Spaeth, who was at the Minnesota concert where free morning-after pills were distributed on Friday, expressed her disagreement with the decision. "Sex and sexual health tools like Plan B, condoms or abortion are being demonized. We don't see them as a symbol of being responsible. But if children are not getting the education they need at school, they can at least rely on sexual health organizations in their communities to provide them with the resources they need."