The hot topic is Biden's mental health: He is no longer the same person! The hot topic is Biden's mental health: He is no longer the same person!

In Argentina, the government has shut down the National News Agency "Telam".

A government spokesperson said the agency lost 20 million pesos, about 23 million dollars, last year. The message was given that they aimed to cut spending with the decision.


President Javier Milei, who took office in December, referred to former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in his speech announcing the decision.

"Along the same lines, we will close the Telam agency, which in recent years has been used as a Kirchnerite propaganda agency," said President Milei. Telam, the state news agency founded in 1945, had 700 employees.


Following the decision, the front of the agency was fenced off in the early hours of the morning and a large number of police were deployed at the entrance gate. Employees were prevented from entering the building. Telam employees gathered in front of the headquarters to protest against the government.


One of the journalists said during the protest, "Today there are more than 700 families who are suffering greatly from this violent, unprecedented situation in a democracy, the silencing of a means of communication and the fencing of the building, rendering it inoperable.We will not allow this. This agency will continue to survive," he said.The government has also terminated access to the portal where the agency's information is updated."


In a joint statement, many media representatives in Argentina described the government's Telam decision as an attack on freedom of expression.Telam was founded in 1945 by then Minister of Labor and Social Security Juan Domingo Perón.

Perón later served as president of Argentina.Milei, who came to power in December, has sharply cut public spending and is facing strong resistance from social sectors.

Throughout its history, the organization has faced several privatizations and nationalizations by different governments.

Editor: David Goodman