The agenda in Russia is the terrorist attack on March 22, which resulted in the deaths of 140 people.

In the aftermath of the attack, authorities are discussing reintroducing the death penalty.

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The ruling United Russia party has expressed its readiness to discuss a fair punishment for terrorists, saying such a decision "would be in line with the feelings and expectations" of the outraged Russian people.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov underlined on Monday that the Kremlin does not participate in discussions on lifting the moratorium on the death penalty.

In 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced his opposition to the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Experts acknowledge that it would be very difficult to legally lift the ban on the death penalty.

Russia banned the death penalty in 1997, shortly after joining the Council of Europe.

The Constitutional Court's ruling on the death penalty provides for neither a waiver nor the possibility of lifting the moratorium in individual cases, making any changes impossible without a new Constitutional Court ruling on the issue.

Even if legislative initiatives to reintroduce the death penalty were approved, it would not be possible to apply the death penalty to the terrorists who attacked Crocus Town Hall, as the penal code cannot have retroactive effect.