Severe thunderstorm in Houston has turned life upside down! Severe thunderstorm in Houston has turned life upside down!

Tesla owner Elon Musk announced that the company will lay off 10 percent of its global workforce of 140,000 people in April. Internship programs planned for this summer were also canceled.

General Motors Talent Resources Strategist Laura del Amo announced that the company is interested in hiring software students whose positions were canceled as part of Tesla's upcoming summer internship group.

"We believe in the strength of our automotive community and are eager to integrate diverse talent into our team. If you are looking for a new internship opportunity now, let's get in touch."

Last week, several students revealed that Tesla had canceled their internship offers just weeks before their positions were due to start.


Tesla's CEO Elon Musk has recently announced a series of layoffs, the latest of which occurred this week and affected employees in the company's software, services and engineering departments.

There have also been layoffs in other sectors of the company, including the electric vehicle charging team. At least 500 people from the charging team are thought to have lost their positions.

Explaining the layoffs, Musk said it was "time to reorganize" the company, a move he said would be repeated every five years.


Commenting on the recruitment announcement, a spokesperson said, "We are always looking for new talent, especially in areas such as engineering, software development and electrification. We welcome applicants to our intern programs. GM is a great place to start a career."

GM is known to have hired former Tesla employees before. In February, the Detroit-based company hired former Tesla executive Kurt Kelty as vice president of battery technology.

A month later, it hired J.P. Clausen, former vice president of Tesla's Austin Gigafactory.