Simultaneous US and UK sanctions on Iran Simultaneous US and UK sanctions on Iran

At a press conference held at the police camp in Mitrovica in northern Kosovo, Kosovo Interior Minister Swedenla and Director General of the Kosovo Police Gazmend Hoxha made statements.

Stating that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is directly involved in the attempt to annex northern Kosovo, Sveçla said: "Every day we witness with undeniable facts the connection of Serbia, of Vucic, with the attack on the village of Banjska in Zveçan. This terrorist organization had one goal: Annexation of the north of the Republic of Kosovo."


Noting that Serbia is attacking the youngest and most democratic state in the region, Swedenla said:

"Serbia's institutions have organized their military, logistical and financial capacities to achieve the goal of annexing northern Kosovo. Serbia and Aleksandar Vucic have repeatedly tried to say that they had nothing to do with this attack, but the facts we will publish prove the preparation, training and exercises of this group at Pasuljanske Livade near Jagodina (in Serbia) and at the military training base in Kopaonik. All this footage of preparations was provided by the terrorist organization's drones that we captured."

Swedenla also underlined that it is necessary and vital that Serbia is condemned and sanctioned by international actors for this terrorist attack, once the evidence is in.

Director General Hoxha pointed out that the group that carried out the attack in Banjska had been trained for a long time in the military bases of the Serbian army and said: "The plan was for the annexation of the entire north of Kosovo. In the documents we have, which we cannot share with you at the moment, it was envisaged to annex the north, not only in Banjska and Zveçan, but also from 37 positions from which attacks on our security units would be carried out in the first stage, and then to create a free corridor to Serbia and to provide the necessary people, materials, experts and other materials for armed resistance and the creation of a new reality in the country."

On the other hand, Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti shared the footage of Swedenla's press conference on his social media account.

Kurti shared the footage of the drone captured from the armed Serbian group, saying, "The terrorists who carried out the attacks were trained in Pasuljanske Livade, one of the important bases of the Serbian army, about 4 days before the attacks. Other exercises were also held at the Kopaonik base. The attacks took place with the full support and planning of the Serbian state."


Months of tension in northern Kosovo escalated again on the morning of September 24 when a policeman was killed when armed Serbs blocking a road in Banjska, a predominantly Serbian town, opened fire.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti announced that a heavily armed group of about 30 people, which he described as a "professional terrorist/criminal organization", attacked Kosovo police and blamed Serbia for the incident.

The armed group, which took refuge in and around the Banjska Monastery, was surrounded by Kosovo police and clashes continued throughout the day in the region.

Kosovo Interior Minister Xhelal Swedishla announced that at least 3 attackers were killed in the operation organized in Banjska and 6 people were detained, including 2 attackers and 4 people who supported the attack through radio connections.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic confirmed that the incident that resulted in the death of a Kosovo policeman was carried out by Kosovo Serbs.