According to Yonhap, South Korea's General Staff made a statement on the issue.

According to the statement, North Korea fired about 200 artillery shells from Cape Deungsan, north of Yeonpyeong Island on the South's western border, from 09:00 to 11:00 local time.

The shells landed in the buffer zone north of the Northern Limit Line, the de facto maritime border with North Korea.

In a statement made by South Korean authorities, it was reported that civilians on Yeonpyeong Island were ordered to evacuate.

The statement emphasized that the launch of the artillery shells was considered a military provocation.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un stated that Seoul had declared North Korea as an "enemy" and emphasized that the unification of the two countries was "not possible".

Calling for a "fundamental change" in relations between the two countries, Kim pointed out that South Korea and North Korea had become "two enemy countries at war".