The Roman Catholic Church requires two miracles for canonization. Acutis was judged to have performed these two miracles on the grounds that he healed two patients after his death from leukemia in 2006.

The first of these 'miracles' was in 2013 in Brazil, when a child with severe congenital pancreatic disease touched a garment belonging to Acutis during a church service and was subsequently healed. The Church recognized this case as a miracle in 2020.

The second miracle approved by Pope Francis yesterday is as follows:

According to the Vatican, Acutis was instrumental in the recovery of a Costa Rican university student who suffered a severe head injury in a bicycle accident in Italy in 2022. The student's mother, Valeria Valverde, said that she prayed for her daughter's recovery at Acutis' tomb in Assisi, and that on the same day she began to breathe spontaneously and the next day she was able to move and partially speak.

Following the Vatican's approval of the second miracle, a ceremony is expected to be held to officially canonize Carlo Acutis.


After this ceremony, the date of which has not yet been announced, Acutis will become the 'first millennial' (the generation born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s) saint.

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Acutis' canonization was supported on the grounds that it would set an example for young people.

Editor: David Goodman