Margot Robbie reveals what she will do with her Barbie movie earnings! Margot Robbie reveals what she will do with her Barbie movie earnings!

Taylor Swift's bodyguard returned to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces against Palestine. It was learned that the bodyguard, who provided security for Swift during her Eras Tour during the summer, was a member of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) before leaving for the US.

The bodyguard posted a photo of himself in a military uniform on social media with the message: "I stand with Israel. It should not only be about standing with the only Jewish state, it should be about standing with humanity."


The bodyguard became famous for a TikTok video showing him carefully and quickly scanning the crowd for any danger as he led Swift away from the stage after one of her concerts.

A Swift fan who watched the video said, "He scanned a thousand people in the crowd in six seconds, six seconds. The money Taylor Swift pays him is not enough" and praised the bodyguard.

"I left behind a beautiful life in the U.S. I had a dream job, great friends I call my family and a very comfortable home," the bodyguard wrote on social media after leaving for Israel.

The bodyguard also wrote, "I didn't have to come here, but I couldn't be on the side of silence while families were being slaughtered and burned alive."


On the other hand, while many celebrities have made statements on Israel and the Palestinian crisis, Swift has not made a public statement to date.