US singer Taylor Swift left the hall at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, angry at the joke made by the host. Here are the details...

In 2022, at the Oscar Awards Ceremony, entertainer Chris Rock's joke about Jada Pinkett Smith made Will Smith angry. The famous actor, who could not digest the joke, jumped on stage and slapped Chris Rock on live TV. Similar to this event, which is engraved in the memory of the whole world, happened last night at the Golden Globe Award ceremony.

Taylor Swift, who was nominated for the Golden Globe with her movie Tour, was angry at the joke made by the ceremony host Jo Koy about her lover Travis Kelce. Koy referred to the fact that Swift often went to games to support her American football player boyfriend Travis Kelce and that the cameras were focused on Swift.


After Koy's joke, the cameras turned to Swift, but the famous singer's face was sullen. The absence of Swift later in the night did not escape the eyes of many fans. Many users commented on the event, which became an agenda in a short time on social media.


On the other hand, many social media users thought that Swift left the award ceremony because she lost the award to the Barbie movie. However, Swift was the first to give the Barbie cast and crew a standing ovation.